Continuing Professional Development Workshops

2023-Jan-15 - WebVPython for non-beginners: integrating coding in the classroom

Where: AAPT National Meeting

When: 8:00am - 12:00pm

Over the last few years, there has been a push to integrate computational modeling in the introductory physics curriculum. This is a workshop for instructors with some general experience in coding. Participants will practice with codes in WebVPython (also known as GlowScript) that demonstrate physics principles ranging from conceptual to calculus-based level. Participants will develop activities for classroom students that could start with simple working codes, where physical modelling is then incrementally added through guided steps. Further examples of classroom utilization of coding will be provided, and a discussion on the frequency of integration of computational methods in the classroom will be promoted. Participants are asked to bring their own laptops and to create an account in before arrival. This workshop is proudly supported by the Organization of Physics in Two Year Colleges, OPTYCs.

See the workshop website for the tentative schedule.


  • Joe Heafner (retired, Catawba Valley Community College)
  • Tom O'Kuma (retired, Lee College)


2023-Feb-11 - Deeper Learning with PhETs

Where: Online

When: 12:00pm - 3:00pm (ET)

PhET Interactive Simulations project ( at the University of Colorado Boulder creates free interactive simulations and virtual labs for science and math learning. PhET simulations are teaching tools that can support conceptual learning and skill development, but they are most effective when used in a teaching context that makes use of evidence-based, student-centered teaching and learning practices. During this workshop, participants may spend time collaboratively designing an activity sequence using PhET’s suggested strategies (whole-class inquiry, Interactive Lecture Demonstrations, clicker questions and Peer Instruction) and reflecting on guidelines for effective worksheet creation (including pre-labs, challenge prompts, and post-labs).


  • Rebecca Vieyra (PhET)
  • Evan Richards (Lee College)

Go here for more information and registration.

2023-Mar-11 - TEAM-UP Together with TYCs

Where: Online

When: 1pm - 4pm ET


  • Arlene Modeste-Knowles (American Institute of Physics)
  • Arlisa Richardson (Chandler-Gilbert Community College)


Join your two-year college colleagues for a day-long meeting-within-a-meeting at AAPT's National Summer Meeting in Sacramento, CA!