LaTeX 2023 Workshop


A Gentle Introduction to LaTeX for Physics Faculty and Students

LaTeX is not difficult to learn, and you and your students should use it!

LaTeX has a notorious reputation for being difficult to learn and use, and for this reason is avoided by many people despite being a de facto standard for mathematical content since its invention in the late 1970s. According to LaTeX developers, academics are ironically among the worst offenders when it comes to using LaTeX incorrectly. The resulting frustration causes a negative feedback loop that amplifies perceived difficulties. This workshop is designed to show participants how to set up a proper LaTeX workflow using modern tools and how to create a simple, introductory document with the most common features. The emphasis is on preparing to bring LaTeX into your classroom.

This workshop will be held virtually, and is free of charge.


  • This workshop will also be offered in person at the AAPT Summer Meeting during the TYC Day (July 17, 2023) in Sacramento, CA.
  • A sequel workshop on using LaTeX in introductory physics classes will be forthcoming.

Before the workshop: Participants should create a free account on Overleaf (link here).

Registration is now closed. The deadline was .

We hope to see you at a future event.