LaTeX 2024 Workshop


LaTeX in the Physics Classroom

Problems with illegible writing, lack of units on physical quantities, inconsistent notation, and logical flow of problem solving steps can all be eliminated by using LaTeX. In this free, virtual workshop, you will use LaTeX to write a solution to physics problems of your choice following an approach that has been used for  in a two semester introductory calculus-based physics course at a two-year college. Nearly a decade of student feedback points to the success of this approach. This is the second in a series of workshops on LaTeX. Prior experience with LaTeX is helpful (e.g. the first workshop in this series) but is not required. Creating an account in Overleaf is required to fully participate in this workshop. More information on preparation will be provided upon registration.


  • Joe Heafner (Independent Scholar, Coordinator for OPTYCs Continuing Professional Development Workshops)


This workshop is especially suited for anyone who is interested in helping their students use LaTeX as a tool to professional present their written work.

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