NASA HEAT 2024 Workshop


Modeling Eclipses

Join us for a hands-on, guided-inquiry activity that helps students to understand the geometry of lunar and solar eclipses by creating a physical, proportional model of the Earth and Moon system and observing shadows.

We will focus on this activity, and share astronomy-related resources that can be used in any introductory physics course. Heat up your curriculum with a wide range of activities that use connect classroom concepts to NASA data and missions.  The NASA Heliophysics Education Activation Team (NASA HEAT) has created and vetted activities that allow students to investigate imperfect data, which creates a more meaningful learning experience. 

This workshop will work through Modeling eclipse activity as well as show you how to access, search, and use the NASA HEAT resources.


This free, virtual workshop is designed for instructors who wish to bring some astronomy concepts into their introductory physics courses, as well as those teaching astronomy.

  • Jason Barbour (Anne Arundel CC, MD)
  • Tony Musumba (Riverside City College, CA)

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