OPTYCs CPDW 2025 Sensor Workshop

Sensor-Based Physics Tools Workshop

Saturday, January 18th, 2025

(In conjunction with the AAPT Winter Meeting in St. Louis, MO)

Join us at the AAPT National Winter Meeting 2025 in St. Louis, MO for a one-day workshop on using sensors as educational tools! This workshop aims to provide two-year college faculty with tools and skills to not only create more sensor-based activities for use in their own classes, but also to lead future workshops on the same topic in their local communities. Two-year college faculty who are selected for this workshop will be reimbursed for reasonable travel costs. There is no registration fee for this workshop for accepted participants.

The workshop uses the ‘train the trainer’ model to (i) teach participants on the use of various sensor-based tools, and (ii) provide materials for participants to take the workshop to their communities (e.g. an AAPT Section meeting, local STEM conference, etc.). Various tools may include proprietary ones (such as by Vernier and Pasco) and those built into phones and tablets, as well as Arduino-based sensors.

In this workshop, participants will:

  • See a showcase of various sensor tools, including those from Vernier and Pasco;
  • Gain hands-on experience with these tools through different activities; and
  • Prepare to facilitate a future workshop 

Although we are offering this workshop in conjunction with the 2025 AAPT Winter Meeting, this workshop will not appear on the AAPT Meeting website. 


  • Shahida Dar (Mohawk Valley Community College, NY)
  • Thomas Herring (Western Nevada College, NV)
  • Tom O'Kuma (Lee College, TX)


OPTYCs will reimburse participants from two-year colleges for reasonable transportation expenses, associated workshop fees, and two (2) nights lodging at the AAPT conference hotel. Note that OPTYCs cannot cover the AAPT national meeting registration cost, but encourages participants to remain for the full meeting.

There will be no workshop fees for this workshop for all accepted participants.

Application Process:

  • The application will ask you to answer a few questions about your experience as an educator and your motivations for participating in this workshop.
  • You will agree to fully participate in this workshop and are willing to facilitate a future workshop (Applicant's Contract).
  • Your supervisor supports your application and travel to the workshop site. If you cannot receive supervisor approval, please contact us, as we may be able to make an exception.


1-July-2024 Applications open
1-Nov-2024 Applications due
15-Nov-2024 Acceptance emails will be sent by this date
15-Dec-2024 Participants travel arrangements must be communicated to OPTYCs by this date
18-Jan-2025 Workshop day (St. Louis, MO)
15-Feb-2025 Participant travel reimbursement forms due
30-Apr-2026 Deadline for participants' workshop offering and documentation sent to OPTYCs

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