Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Capacity Building Program

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Capacity-building Program

The goal for this two-year-long program is to create a capacity-building learning community among two-year college physics-related teaching instructors to support efforts to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion for our students. This program builds a cohort of supportive peers who are committed to self exploration, self improvement, and working in challenging spaces to promote an equitable environment for all students in their classes.

Cost This program is free to participants. Reasonable travel costs (for transportation, lodging, and meals) will be reimbursed after in-person portions of this program.

Cohorts We will run Cohort 1 from Jan 2024 to Dec 2025, and Cohort 2 from Jan 2025 to Dec 2026.

Year 1 Participants work on personal growth and classroom-level change. We will develop habits that support equity in our everyday interactions with students through practice and self-reflection. We will work together to build resilience, to seek support, and to share resources, successes, and challenges along this journey.

Year 2 Participants continue personal and classroom transformations, and will act as peer mentors, or DEI Friends, in their local communities (such as departments or institutions). These efforts might include facilitating workshops on student support strategies, or meeting one-on-one with fellow faculty members, or creating a local community of practice. This second year is designated to continue building capacity for supportive DEI efforts and habits, as well as growing positive changes.

Applications Applications for Cohort 1 of this program closed 20-Nov-2023. If you are interested in applying for Cohort 2, please contact us to be added to the list. Thank you for your interest!