New Faculty Development Series

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The American Association of Physics Teachers presents a 16-month New Faculty Development Series designed specifically for Two-Year College Physics Faculty in their first six years of teaching at a Two-Year College.

NFDS Applications for Cohort 2 will open December 1, 2024. 

If you are interested in Cohort 2 (Spring 2025- Summer 2026) or have questions,

please contact us: OPTYCs @

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The New Faculty Development Series will equip participants with techniques that are:

  • Engaging
  • Proven at Two-Year Colleges
  • Based on Physics Education Research
  • Designed for Promoting Active Learning

This program includes:

NFDS Cohort 2 (March 2025-July 2026)

Conference Locations

NFDS Cohort 2 Conference Locations

NFDS Cohort 1 (April 2023 - July 2024)

Conference Locations

Starting December 1, 2024

Cohort 2 Applications


Why should you join in this New Faculty Development Series?


This New Faculty Development Series is designed to equip new faculty members with knowledge of active learning techniques that are both 2016 NFE at Seminole State, FLbased on Physics Education Research (PER) and that have been successfully implemented at two-year colleges across the country. Led by experienced two-year college physics instructors, this conference will empower a new faculty member as they embark on the important mission of developing critical thinking skills in their students and developing the future technological workforce for this country.

This New Faculty Development Series will focus on Physics Education Research and the data that show traditional lecture-based physics classes result in relatively small gains in student conceptual understanding of the fundamental concepts of physics. Much of this will take place through an online discussion of related journal articles during April and May. Consequently, conference participants will be ready for the Immersion Conference as they will understand why there is a need to engage students at a higher cognitive level.

This New Faculty Development Series exposes participants to three major pedagogical initiatives in introductory physics that have improved student comprehension: Instructional Strategies in Introductory Physics (discourse management/TIPERS), Inquiry-based Introductory Lab for Developing Scientific Reasoning Skills (flipped class, collaborative groups), and Curricular Approaches with Technology (Computation, Studio Physics, MBL). Participants will implement strategies learned during the Immersion Conference with online mentoring for support through the following year.   

Applying takes less than 30 minutes!  You will be glad you did. 

Starting December 1, 2024

Cohort 2 - Apply Here

For more information, contact us: OPTYCs @


OPTYCs is the national Organization for Physics at Two-Year Colleges with a mission to provide a single venue to improve opportunities for networking, mentoring, professional development, educational research, and educational transformation at TYCs.