NFDS Online Discussions and Mentoring

The New Faculty Development Series (NFDS) will provide participants with the opportunity to engage in a TYC Physics Community.

NFDS starts with:

  • A six-week journal club discussions on foundational physics education research (virtual) 

This New Faculty Development Series will focus on Physics Education Research and the data that show traditional lecture-based physics classes result in relatively small gains in student conceptual understanding of the fundamental concepts of physics. Much of this will take place through an online discussion of related journal articles during April and May. Consequently, conference participants will be ready for the Immersion Conference as they will understand why there is a need to engage students at a higher cognitive level. 


After the Immersion Conference,

  • Participants will engage in a year-long online implementation mentoring. 

New Faculty Development Series participants will interact with a small group of participants and the leaders to receive and give support during their implementation of new PER-based strategies in their classroom.  Mentoring will be both vertical with NFDS leaders providing guidance and horizontal with participants mentoring each other and forming a community of practice.