Teaching Fields 2024 PER-Interest Session


How do you introduce fields (electric, magnetic, gravitational) in your courses? What is your go-to activity to introduce this notoriously challenging topic in your classes? Join the OPTYCs PER-Interest Group for the first interactive sharing session of the new year. The session will start with a brief review of what PER says about the topic and a discussion of some of the popular choices for interactive simulations such as PhET, The Physics Classroom and Web VPython. Participants will then be given the opportunity to share their favorite activities on the subject.

The following references are relevant to this topic. Please note that participants are not required to read these references prior to attending the event, although doing so can provide a frame of reference for the discussion.


  1. Suárez et al. Electromagnetic field presented in introductory physics textbooks and consequences for its teaching
  2. Li and Singh. Investigating and improving introductory physics students’ understanding of electric field and the superposition principle: The case of a continuous charge distribution

Simulation Tools

  1. PhET - Charges & Fields
  2. PhET - Electric Hockey
  3. Matter & Interactions - Electric Field Hockey
  4. Physics Classroom - Electric Fields Toolkit
  5. Ithaca College - Electric Fields
  6. GeoGebra - Visualization of fields

Assessment Tools for E&M

PhysPort expert recommendations 

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