Journal Club May 2024


Discipline Based Education Research (DBER), such as Physics Education Research (PER), can include powerful tools to inform us on how best to support students in our classes. Studies from DBER are varied, leveraging quantitative, qualitative, and mixed method approaches. They can be overarching or more focused. While DBER is conducted at a wide variety of institutions, published results often focus on studies conducted at R1 institutions that engage particular populations of students. Different types of institutions have different missions, values and objectives and how these institutions engage in DBER work will vary based on community and institution needs and strengths.   

In this session, we will engage in a community dialogue around how DBER can be conducted and used at institutions such as Two Year Colleges (TYCs) and comprehensive regional universities. In addition, we will discuss our individual, institution, and community goals for work in DBER and how the community can support these goals.  Participants will have an opportunity to share education projects they are conducting and reflect:

  • on how DBER might inform these projects 
  • whether engaging in education research could support the intellectual aspect and impact of these projects

As a community we will reflect on and articulate values and missions, and use this to guide how we want to engage in DBER individually and as a community.

Andrew Morrison, Joliet Junior College 

Mel Sabella, Chicago State University

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