Journal Club Oct 2023


Join us for a discussion about teaching physics for life sciences students. If you have created activities and/or labs for life sciences topics, we encourage you to bring them to this session to share with participants. We will also look briefly at some of the research related to Introductory Physics for the Life Sciences (IPLS). This discussion will lay the groundwork for next week's workshop on Physics Activities for Life Sciences (PALS). We welcome you to attend either or both of these sessions; attendance at one is not required for attendance at the other.

We selected two readings recommended (not required) as preparation for this session.

Physics Activities for Life Sciences (PALS). This is Duane Deardorff's short description of the activities he will be using in next week's workshop.

Benjamin D. Geller, Chandra Turpen, and Catherine H. Crouch. "Sources of student engagement in Introductory Physics for Life Sciences." Phys. Rev. Phys. Educ. Res. 14, 010118, 2018. Sources of student engagement in Introductory Physics for Life Sciences (

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