Parallel Pedagogy 2024 Workshop


Parallel Pedagogy is a curriculum that introduces core concepts simultaneously, helping students apply physics to different scenarios. Momentum, energy, dynamics, and kinematics are introduced on the first day of class and build in complexity throughout the term. This pedagogy has shown promising results in conceptual, algebra-based, and calculus-based physics. Every example begins by considering each concept, steering students away from “formula hunting” and toward a concept-driven approach to problem solving. Data show that students have accepted this new system well, shifted toward expert thinking based on CLASS results, and solved problems and performed on the FCI on par with or better than conventionally-taught classes. Students also self-reported that they enjoy physics more than they thought they would.

In this workshop, learn about this curriculum, and try out various associated materials developed by the facilitators, including a free online textbook written by TYC faculty member Dean Stocker. This workshop is free of charge and virtual.


This workshop is intended for anyone interested in curricular changes that guide students away from approaching problem-solving as plug-and-chug problems and towards improved applications of physics concepts. 

  • Dean Stocker (University of Cincinnati - Blue Ash College)
  • Pete Schwartz (California Polytechnic State University)
  • Jennifer Klay (California Polytechnic State University)

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