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AI in the Classroom Workshop

April 6, 2024 in virtual

Artificial intelligence is not the next frontier in education; it is the landscape now, where instructors and students negotiate alike to come to some understanding of the ways it can and should be used in education. Faced with the explosion of development in AI (just two months after its launch, ChatGPT alone had become the fastest-growing consumer application in history), instructors have scrambled to determine the best ways to productively integrate this new technology into the learning process. This workshop will be a practical discussion of what educators are facing in the classroom. We will discuss policies that have worked so far, techniques for better practical management of issues of detection and citation, and strategies we are employing in introductory physics classes to incorporate AI in a positive way. Participants will have opportunities to share about what excites them about AI in their teaching, what keeps them up at night, how their attempts at incorporating AI into their own classrooms have gone so far, and their plans to incorporate ideas from the session into their own teaching practices.