Here are all of the OPTYCs programs and activities.

Special Events

TYC Tandem Meetings

These are one-day conferences, held in conjunction with an AAPT National Summer Meeting, devoted to professional development for TYC physics, astronomy, and physical science faculty members. We held a Tandem Meeting on Saturday, July 15th, 2023, in Sacramento, CA. We are planning another Tandem Meeting in 2025.


Ongoing Programs

Continuing Professional
Development Workshops

From one-hour to multi-day formats, and in-person or virtual, we have a wide range of topics covered in these sessions. Let us know what your needs and interests are.

Mentoring & Networking

Looking for a mentor or a peer mentoring group? Wanting to be part of learning community or workgroup? We can match you up with others. Sign up today.

Physics Education Research
Interest Group

Explore PER findings, engage with researchers, and conduct scholarship in the teaching and learning. We host journal clubs, provide resources, and connect you to grow the community.


Cohort Programs

New Faculty
Development Series

An immersive, 16-month program, you will learn and practice using evidence-based teaching strategies. We provide support and community.

Applications for the next cohort open December 2024.


Designed to hone your skills and help you lead from within, this 12-month program provides an artisanal touch to professional growth.

Next cohort begins January 2026.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Capacity-Building Program

This 2-year program increases personal and community capacities for better student success in physics classes for all students.

Next cohort begins January 2025.


Special Projects

TYC Physics Program
Guidelines Revision

The Guidelines for Physics Programs at Two-Year Colleges was helpful for institutions modernizing their courses, equipment, and outlook. At 20 years old, it needs updating, and we're working on the overhaul.

Progress reports are forthcoming.

AIP's Survey of TYCs by the
Statistical Research Center

The American Institute of Physics Statistical Research Center routinely reports on trends about the physics community. We are collaborating to conduct a comprehensive survey about TYC physics.

Final reports anticipated in 2025.

Virtual Library
& Archives

We will create a repository of resources and content made for and by the TYC physics community. Collated and curated student activities, course outlines, pedagogical resources... all in one place.

Available in 2025.