This is not an exhaustive list of resources related to teaching physics at two-year colleges. If you regularly use a resource and wish to share, please let us know: OPTYCs @

Evidence-Based Teaching Guides

Particularly helpful are various peer-reviewed studies that support recommendations, and instructor checklists which provide summaries of different aspects of good teaching.

The Underrepresentation Curriculum Project

A flexible curriculum designed to help students critically examine scientific fields and take action for equity, inclusion and justice.

Science Education Initiative

Includes a collection of instructor resources (plus a handy section on Student Resources), evidence-based instruments to assess teaching, learning, and student attitudes.

Effective Practices for Physics Programs

To support undergraduate (mostly four-year) physics programs, from APS and in collaboration with AAPT, from student retention, improving department climate, and skill-building.

Universal Design for Learning Guidelines

Provides resources to implement the framework for universal design with the goal of developing expert learners.